Britney Spears. The most remarkable period in her career

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They wanted to get the right angle, so one dance number could be written thirty times, over and over again..Britney worked hard, every song, dance, sketch she worked on 150 percent.

This period is the most remarkable in her career.

When the show was canceled, they were all very upset.
The day the show closed was the worst, it was just a nightmare. This show was the whole life of these children.
They went home, but it was very difficult, what to do next, what to do?.. After all, they had run away from their provincial towns. They tasted real professional life.

Since they were out of work, the best thing they could do was go home and live their normal lives. Enjoy socializing with family, friends, and going to school. After all, childhood is only once in our life.
She wanted to go back to her normal life, didn’t want any special attention. They treated her like a normal person, because she was one of them.

She still has a jacket that was given to her there as a memento of the club.
Britney played basketball on the basketball team when she was a student at Parklane Academy. She’s a great athlete and a good basketball player. She played for the eighth and ninth grade teams. She was a defender in the team, she managed the ball well and set the course of the game. She had a fighting spirit, she was a great player, she loved to win everything, so that it did not become.

In the ninth grade, they had some sort of choice for prom, and in the end, there were only two left – Britney and her cousin Erin Simmons. They were the most popular girls in this class. Britney defeated Erin.
When the girls ‘ elections are held, the main player of the football team pulls out a piece of paper from the hat with the name of one of them, the one whose name will be on the note, he must take with him.

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