Britney Spears’ perfect couple

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Reg Jones – a friend of Britney’s older brother, put his hand in his hat and tried his luck when he pulled out a note with Britney’s name on it.
He was a football star in high school. He took Britney to the homecoming ball, the first ball of her life. They were the perfect couple, everyone envied them.

Britney is not much rested, calmed down, but then he realized she didn’t want to stay home, he wanted to return, wants to sing he wants to play. Britney was going to be a star.

When she finished working at the Mickey mouse club, the group ‘N SYNC was formed, and they all wanted to create a female group, Inocence. But, in this group of girls, everyone was fighting for first place. So Britney refused, and decided to do everything herself.

Out of excitement, Britney’s mother called Larry Rudolph, whom she had known for a long time, and asked to become their lawyer. She said, Larry, I’ll send you photos and the latest audio recordings of Britney.
He asked Britney to come to new York to see him. But, at that time, they didn’t have the money to send her there. He sent it himself. Mom just dropped her off at the airport.
Some record companies didn’t pay attention to it. But, no matter how upset Larry was, he said that it was just that they hadn’t figured it out yet.
The “Jive records” campaign – figured it out. Britney immediately they have signed a contract for a solo album.
She took a plane back and forth to new York and back, between ninth and tenth grade. She was putting things in order. And finally, I could work on my album.

Max Martin, her producer, recorded one of her songs, the well-known “…Baby one more time”, which was then played on radio stations.
Nigel dick – I got a call from Jive and was asked to shoot a video for this song. Britney said I should be wearing a school uniform, and I thought, Yes, many people will be surprised by this move.
Britney wasn’t famous at the time, no one knew her name, no one knew what she looked like, and two weeks later, she was part of pop culture.

They were praying to get into the top forty, but when the song hit the top ten, they were in shock. And when the song reached the top, took the first place, and was delayed, well, it was too much!

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