Britney Spears “I don’t care”

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A few days after the audition, Britney’s mom called the casting Director at the Mickey mouse club and said that Britney was Eager to go to new York to work professionally and asked him if he knew anyone.

And he recommended one of the best children’s agents in new York.
They wrote a letter to an agent in new York and sent a lot of videos of Britney.

Britney sang well, but incorrectly. She wanted to go to Broadway, but the children’s agent said to start with your vocals. I sent her to the voice teacher. They asked the teacher to work on the audition material.
The “Searching for a star” contest is a great achievement for the people of Louisiana. To get into this competition was the main thing for Britney at that moment.

Britney performed “I don’t care” and won the contest, earning 3 * 3/4 stars (three-quarters of a star).

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