Britney Spears “Thank America”

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In the second grade, they put on a play called “Thank America,” about the history of America, starting with Georgia and Martha Washington.

Britney auditioned for the role of a small teacher, and her mother made her a delightful costume of the first settlers. And the role was amazing, Britney played it very well.

In the third grade, a small musical called “Rimbaud Konekshen” was put on, Britney had to perform a solo number “Green Lavender”, and when she came on stage and sang – everyone heard the voice of a real singer. Her voice was very Mature, for a child of her age.

Britney’s family is very close-knit. For Britney, family always comes first.
Jamie’s father owned a construction company, and her mother, Lynn, was a schoolteacher. Her older brother, Bryan, played on the soccer team, and her sister, Jamie, was born when Britney was in third grade.
Her father Jamie is not in the public eye like her mother, but Britney loves him very much. He always picked her up from school when her mother couldn’t.
Britney’s family was poor, so they did not disdain to wear supported clothing.

Sending the children to a private school was expensive for her family. It was hard to take her to music, dance, and then determine which Academy. Training, registration fees, books, tax deductions. You can imagine, however, that it will cost, having three children – expensive.

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