Britney Spears At the audition

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In 1991, Britney’s parents approached a dance teacher at a dance competition, and asked them to find a dance Studio for Britney.
Every minute at the dance, Britney was exhausted, honing every movement of the dance.

Already at the age of 8, she had an incredible inner energy, you can say she had so much energy, so much perseverance, God rewarded her with such a talent.

Three times a week, her parents took her to dance school, which is a long way, about 90 miles each way.
Britney went to gymnastics in addition to dancing. Gymnastics classes at the professional level take five or six days a week. It was too much of a burden for her.
As a result, doing gymnastics and dancing Britney – realized that this is not what she would like to do. She needed to sing, not dance. This is where it all started…

One day, a friend of Britney’s mother called and offered to go to an audition at the Mickey mouse club. Mom agreed without hesitation.
At the audition, 500 or 600 children gathered in the hall, the main requirement for applicants, they must be ten years old.
Eventually, the audience was reduced to six people, asked to sing, but to sing an acapello. They held the children until the very end, and then came out and said that the children were very young.

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