Britney Spears and Matt Cassela

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People think that when you release a record, you get everything, your record goes platinum, you date a guy from ‘N SYNC, you’re rich, everything’s great. But all this is preceded by serious work.
You know, not everything is so simple, rehearsals day and night, constant work in the Studio, dancing.

You know, all this did not suddenly fall on her from the sky, she had to work very hard. But, she did not try in vain, worked, because she saw the light at the end of the tunnel.
Britney Spears – born to entertain people she knew it from the age of three – always.
This child has worked tirelessly to achieve what she has now, and success has not come overnight.

Let him enjoy life … This is far from the end…

People who left their mark on Britney’s life:

Matt Cassela – (casting Director). In all my life, I have never seen such a naive child, but with such a driving force. Such a talent for singing and dancing. I couldn’t believe that she was only nine years old. I didn’t want to let her go, because I knew she was one in a million…

Frank Hatchett – (dance instructor). She was ten, eleven years old. Her clear eyes sparkle and burn with fire, but she was very polite. I always remember when I went up to her and corrected her, she would say, “Yes, sir,” when I praised her: “Thank you, sir.” I always say to the children, practice, this is your craft, hone it, because when the opportunity presents itself, you must be fully prepared.

Robert Marks – (vocal teacher). She was acting just like a little woman. She knew exactly what she wanted. She is a professional, her record is made, music is her specialty, she knew where she was going.

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