Maripier Morin

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(born July 7, 1986) is a TV presenter, businesswoman and actress from Quebec.

In 2006, Morin appeared on television for the first time as a participant in the reality show “Occupation Double”. After her elimination, she appeared as a model in Le Banquier, the Quebec adaptation of Deal or No Deal. At the same time, she became a presenter on the TV channel TVA, appears in the series “Sucre sale”, “Salute Bonjour weekend” and “Two Mother’s Nights”.

In 2010, Moreno joined V network as the host of the web series Planète V, and a few months later became a reporter for C’est extra.

In 2012, she became a cultural events reporter for the District V show . In the fall of 2012, she became the host of “Ça begin bien”, a V network television show where she also talked about the art world and the weather.

After the end of the series “District V” and the changes to “Cha begin Ben” in 2014, Yi made her a co-host of the program “Minaj threesome” together with Patrick Langlois. In the same year, she released a collection of ready-to-drink UNIK cocktails. In addition to her appearances on M, she was hired by the Enemy for the Code A show.

In 2015, Maureen returned to reality TV, appearing on the W Network program “Hockey Wives”. In the same year, she became the main representative of Revlon in Quebec and starred in the music video for the song Simple Plan “I don’t want to go to bed”.

In the summer of 2015, she returned to TVA to join the show Faites comme chez vous.

In 2016, she presented three episodes of the travel series Evasion network 99 envies d’evasion in New York, Miami and San Francisco. She also became the host of her own talk show Maripier!on Z and La Voix Junior on TVA.

In 2017, she joined Accès Illimité as a reporter and launched her own website and underwear line in collaboration with Montreal-based brand Blush.

Participation in films and other projects (2018– present)

In 2018, Morin was chosen to host Face au Mur, the Quebec adaptation of the quiz The Wall. She was also chosen to host the 2018 Gala Artis with Jean-Philippe Dion and was also nominated in two categories at the same event.

In the same year, she starred in films for the first time, playing the main role in Denis Arkan’s film “The Fall of the American Empire”. During a performance with Morin at Tout le monde en parle, Arcand said that he met Morin at the Canadian Open and resumed contact with her a few years later to offer her a role in his film.

In 2019, Morin was the host of the documentary series “Mais Pourquoi?”, discussing topics such as nudity, video games, bodybuilding, religion and egg freezing, as well as the variety show Studio G. She also starred in the film in Jacksy, voicing the voice of Rose Byrne