Salma Hayek

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Mexican-American film and television actress, film Director and film producer. During her acting career, Hayek appeared in more than 30 films. Born: September 2, 1966 , Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz, Mexico
Height: 157 cm
Married to: Francois-Henri Pinot (since 2009)
Children: Valentina Paloma Pino
Awards: Daytime Emmy award for Outstanding directing of a children’s, youth, or family program»

Salma Valgarma Hayek-Jimenez was born on September 2, 1966 in Coatzacoalcos, Mexico. Only her mother, singer Diana Jimenez, was Mexican, and her father was Lebanese. Salma grew up in a fairly well-off family – the head of the family worked as a Manager of an oil company and even ran for mayor of Coatsacoalsos in 1997. “As a child, I wanted to become an acrobat — I really liked artistic gymnastics and acrobatics. I once went to a performance by a troupe of traveling artists who performed various acrobatic tricks and sang songs about how we can change the world. I wanted to go on the road with them: go from city to city and perform in each. This was my cherished dream, ” Salma admits.

At the age of 12, religious parents sent their daughter to study at a Catholic boarding school for girls in Louisiana, then Salma lived with an aunt in Houston until the age of 17. after school, She returned to Mexico to study international relations at the Ibero-American Institute in Mexico city. But Salma Hayek did not finish her studies and decided to become an actress, despite the hot protests of her parents. At the age of 23, the beauty received her first leading role in a movie – in the melodrama “Teresa” (1989-1991), which became very popular in Mexico. Along with the triumph of the series, Salma became famous, becoming almost a national heroine in Mexico. Salma began to appear frequently in domestic films, earning prizes and awards at local film festivals. At the age of 25, Salma realized that it was time to conquer Hollywood and went to Los Angeles to learn a craft from one of the most successful teachers in America-Stella Adler. Fortunately, the finances allowed. In America, Salma met Director Robert Rodriguez, who invited the fatal brunette to his film “Desperate” (1995), where Salma shone together with Antonio Banderas. The film gave Hayek a confident position in Hollywood. Next, she played the vampire Queen in the cult film “from dusk to dawn” by Robert Rodriguez, performing the famous dance with a snake. Hayek was so devoted to Rodriguez for “opening” her to Hollywood that she even turned down a role in the film” the Mask of Zorro”, after the project left Robert Rodriguez (in the end, the role went to Catherine Zeta-Jones). Salma began acting in other major Hollywood projects (“Wild, wild West” (1999),” Faculty “(1998),” Dogma ” (1999). By the decade of her career in Hollywood, the Mexican woman already had a huge filmography under her belt, and also founded the production company “Ventanarosa” and started producing films. Her first production project – the film “no one writes to the Colonel”, was even selected by Mexico for submission to the Academy award in the category “Best foreign film”. In 2002, Salma played a real-life character-the famous Mexican artist Frida Kahlo in Julia Taymor’s drama Frida. In this film, the actress first tried her hand at music, recording a song with the band Los Vega, which was included in the soundtrack of the film. For this role, Salma was nominated for an Academy award, Golden globe and BAFTA. She was one of two Mexican Actresses to be nominated for an Academy award (after Kathy Jurado in 1954). Salma Hayek had many stormy Affairs (with Evard Norton, Josh Lucas), but eventually married French millionaire Francois Henri Pinot and at 41 became a mother.

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