Natalie Portman

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American theater and film actress of Israeli origin, film Director, screenwriter and producer. She was most famous for her participation in the films “Leon” and “Closeness”. Born: June 9, 1981 , Jerusalem, Israel
Height: 160 cm
Marriage with: Benjamin millepied (since 2012)
Parents: Shelly Stevens, Avner Hershlag,
Children: Aleph Portman-Millepied
Awards: BAFTA Award for best actress, Golden globe Award for best supporting actress

Born on June 9, 1981 in Jerusalem. Her real name is hershlag, by the way. Natalie’s father is a specialist in infertility treatment, and her mother was an actress for a while, then a housewife and is currently Natalie’s agent. When the daughter was three years old, the family moved to the United States. They lived in Washington for a while and later moved to Connecticut, but two years later they moved again, this time to new York. Since early childhood, Natalie was engaged in dancing, and already in school years began to show an active interest in science. The future actress spent her summer holidays in a theater camp. Once in a pizzeria, Natalie was approached by a representative of a modeling Agency with an offer to become a model, but Portman declined the offer, saying that she would prefer to become an actress. So, soon for her organized participation in the casting for the role in the film Luc Besson, which Natalie successfully passed.

The start of the acting career was quite loud, due to the success of the film “Leon”, released in 1994, and the obvious talent of Natalie, who by this time changes her original name to Portman (the maiden name of the Jewish-Russian grandmother of the actress on her mother’s side). The next acting job was shooting in the short TV movie “Development”. And another role in a big movie again turns out to be a great success. This time, Natalie Portman falls to play on the same set with al Pacino and Robert De Niro in the film “the Fight”, which was warmly received by the audience. Natalie’s career begins to gain momentum, and in 1996, three films with her participation are released: “Beautiful girls”, “Everyone says I love you” and ” Mars is attacking!”. During the same period, she played in theatrical Broadway productions. Three years after the release of her last film, Natalie Portman instead of oblivion signs a contract to shoot in three planned new episodes of the legendary star wars trilogy at the invitation of George Lucas himself. This role takes Portman to a new level of popularity. At the same time, Natalie herself modestly skipped the premiere of the first episode in order to better prepare for the final exams. And after graduating from high school, she successfully entered the prestigious Harvard University to study psychology.

In the following years of study, Natalie did not lead too active acting, but played several roles in such films as “Anywhere but here”, for which she was nominated for a Golden globe, the drama “Where the heart is”, performed a small role in the film “Cold mountain” and, of course, in the next part of “Star wars”. She also continued to play periodically in the theater. While studying at the University, Natalie devoted time to various scientific and research works.

After graduating from Harvard in 2003, Natalie Portman did not immediately plunge into shooting, but went to travel incognito, alone, to Morocco and Guatemala, sleeping in a tent and communicating with the local population. In 2004, she played in two independent films: the drama “garden Country” and “Proximity”, for which she received a Golden globe award and was nominated for an Oscar. In the following years, such notable films with her participation as “Paris, I love you”, “V”means Vendetta”,” new York, I love you”, in which Natalie also acted as a Director and screenwriter of one of the novels. In may 2007, the competition program of the Cannes film festival was opened by Wong Karwai’s film “My blueberry nights”, where Natalie vividly played one of the key roles. A large audience enjoyed the historical drama “Another other Boleyn girl”, the latter has been highly awarded works include such films as “Love and other circumstances” and “Black Swan”, for his role in which Natalie Portman was awarded an Oscar and a Golden globe.

The actress is also an active advocate for animal rights and the environment. Natalie herself became a vegetarian from the age of eight and does not use leather and fur products.moreover, in 2007, she launched her own line of shoes made of artificial materials.

On the set of the film “Black Swan”, Natalie began a relationship with new York ballet theater dancer Benjamin Milpier, with whom she gave birth to a son in June 2011.

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