Claire Holt

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Claire Holt – Australian actress, star of “H2O: Just add water”, “the vampire Diaries” and “the Ancients”. Claire was born on June 11, 1988 in Brisbane, Australia.

The Holt family had two other daughters and a son. Claire’s mother is from the UK, so the children often visited relatives in the Northern hemisphere. Life was no less intense in her native land, thanks to Clare’s forty cousins, her father’s nephews.

At the age of 7, Clare entered Stewartholme Catholic boarding school for girls in Toowong, a suburb of Brisbane, where she studied until 2005. At school, the girl attended a Church choir and theater circle, took piano and guitar lessons. Claire paid great attention to sports training – the girl was fond of swimming, volleyball, water Polo and Taekwondo, which earned her a black belt.

In her youth, Claire was preparing to enter medical school, but the girl’s biography was different. As a part-time job, Holt began acting in advertising, where the girl was noticed by casting agents for the series “H2O: just add water”. Having demonstrated acting skills and athletic training at the casting, Claire was approved for the lead role of a mermaid girl named Emma Gilbert. Two friends of the protagonist is Rikki Chadwick and Cleo Sertori – was played by Australian actress Cariba Heine and Phoebe Tonkin.

In 2011, Claire began working on the role of chastity Meyer in the Melanie Myron-directed youth Comedy Mean girls 2. Along with the Australian actress, Megan Jett Martin, Jennifer stone, Myara Walsh, and Nicole Anderson took part in the film. The story described in the film tells about one of the American colleges, where a real war is unfolding between two groups of students. In the same year, in the rating series “the vampire Diaries”, the girl was introduced to the role of Rebecca mikaelson-a vampire from an ancient family, the younger sister of vampires Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and Elijah (Daniel Gillis).

The actress appeared in season 3 and remained in the series for three years. According to legend, the girl at the beginning of the XIX century was in a relationship with Stefan, which contradicted the plans of Klaus, who soon separated the lovers. In the story, Rebecca behaves inconsistently, often committing selfish acts. Despite hating Elena, the vampire saves her in a moment of danger. In search of a cure that will help Rebekah turn into a human, she begins working with Stefan and Damon. After saving Matt’s life, she leaves with him on a summer trip.

In 2012, the second full-length film with Claire “Sad as jazz” directed by Steve Taylor was released. Holt’s stage partner was Marshall Allman, who played a young man who grew up in a religious family. A year later, the shooting of the spin-off show “the vampire Diaries” – the series “ancient”, which tells about the family of original vampires Mikaelson, settled in the city of New Orleans. One of the main roles in the film got a friend of Claire’s first work on mermaids-Phoebe Tonkin. The actress reincarnated as the werewolf Hayley, who became pregnant with Klaus. The series was commissioned by the CW, where it is being broadcast for the fifth consecutive season.

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