Rachel Weisz “the Mummy”

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The next film was for You a real breakthrough to the top of the world cinema Olympus and the business card of the actress. She starred in the film “the Mummy”, which tells about the fascinating and dangerous adventures in Egypt of the employee of the scientific library Willow (Weiss) and her brother. Two years later, the actress consolidated her cinematic success by starring in the second film of the franchise – “the Mummy returns”. Both films were a staggering success around the world, but in the third film, Weiss refused to star, despite the fee of $ 3 million. The reason of its unexpected for all of the failure remained unknown.

At the same time, the actress continued to calmly act in films, and her dramatic talent was revealed more and more with each new role.

Currently, Rachel Weisz remains a prominent figure in European cinema and overseas-in Hollywood. Today, she not only acts as an actress, but also successfully masters the profession of a producer. In her new role, she has already participated in the creation of such paintings as” Image of things “and”Radiator”.

One of her latest works, which aroused great interest and heated debate among viewers and film critics, is the film “Defiance”, which tells about the love of two former classmates. In this film, Weiss served as the producer and performer of the main role.

Today, the channel “MY CINEMANIA” brings a selection of the 5 most interesting films with the participation of Rachel Weisz, to remind you of the talent and amazing female appeal of this wonderful actress.

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