Rachel Weisz in the drama “Inclination”

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Her film career began in the late 80’s, with filming in cameo roles in the TV series “Second screen”, “Inspector of the World” and “Tropical heat”, which did not have much success with the audience.

Venerable Directors and producers noticed her after a small role in the film “Elusive beauty”, shot by the cult Director Bernardo Bertolucci and began to offer her first-plan roles.

The first world recognition for the actress came when she was 26 years old, after the release of the exciting Thriller “Chain reaction”, in which her partners on the set were Morgan Freeman and Keanu Reeves. This was followed by diverse but memorable roles in the drama “Inclination” (played a girl of easy virtue) and the military drama “Three English women in the country” (played a British patriot during world war II).

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