Rachel Weisz The constant gardener

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The mummy (1999)

The most famous movie starring Rachel Weisz. It tells about the dangerous and exciting adventures of adventurers of all stripes who prowl the vast Egyptian desert in search of countless treasures of the Pharaoh. Their thirst for profit leads to the fact that they unwittingly contribute to the revival of the mummy of the priest, who many centuries ago was brutally executed for the murder of the ruler of Egypt. Now the revived mummy wants revenge and is ready to plunge the whole world into the realm of a black nightmare.

Confidence (2003)

In this film, Weiss plays the sexy girlfriend of the charming and cunning fraudster Jake Wiig, whose latest Scam brought him into conflict with the mafia. The mafia does not like to joke and puts Jake in front of a difficult choice. To save his life and pay off his debts to the mafia, he is forced to come up with a new Scam that will be more abruptly than those that he had to pull off before.

The constant gardener (2005)

This intense drama tells the story of a young couple – Justin and Tess (Rachel Weisz) Quayle, members of the British diplomatic mission in Kenya. Soon, the beautiful Tess is found dead, and the corpse of a local native is found next to her body, which leads to shameful rumors and seriously casts a shadow on Tess’s reputation. To find the real killer and restore the good name of his beloved wife, Justin leaves Kenya and heads to London.

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