Juno Temple

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British actress
Born: July 21, 1989, London, United Kingdom
Height: 157 cm
Partner: Michael Angarano
Parents: Amanda Temple, Julien Temple
Awards: Rising star

She became famous for roles in the films “Cracks”, “Another of the Boleyn family” and “Redemption”. In 2013, Juno received a BAFTA award in the “Rising star” category.

Born on July 21, 1989 in London. Her mother, Amanda, was a producer, and her father, Julien, was a Director. The girl was named after Juno temple in the Grand Canyon, which her parents visited during Amanda’s pregnancy. Until the age of four, Juno lived in the United States, then the family returned to England, in Somerset. Every year, her parents took her to the legendary Glastonbury music festival, which was held nearby. At the age of four, Juno decided that she wanted to become an actress: she was struck by Jean Cocteau’s film Beauty and the beast (1946). At the age of nine, when temple was at school, her father took her in his film “Vigo”, but after the final editing, the scenes with her were cut. Two years later, the girl played in another of his paintings, the historical drama “the Abode of demons” (2000). At the age of fifteen, Juno made it clear to her parents that she intended to become an actress, and her mother took her to an open audition for the film “Scandalous diary”. The girl was taken on one of the episodic roles.

The first success led her to a role in another film-the drama “Redemption” (2007). For this picture, she even dyed her blond hair red. In the same 2007, Juno was accepted into a new project – the Comedy “Odnoklassniki”, where her partners on the set were such stars as Rupert Everett and Colin Firth. In 2008, temple played one of the roles in the melodrama “Another of the Boleyn family”, which is also marked by a bright cast. Then with the participation of the actress came the Comedy drama “Otorva”, well received by the audience. A significant step in the development of the girl’s career was the drama “Cracks” (2009), where Juno played one of the main roles. In the same period, other films with her participation appeared on the screens: “the Beginning of time”, the historical drama “1939”, the film” Mr. Nobody”, which received a number of prestigious awards, and the continuation of” Odnoklassnits “- the film”Odnoklassnits and the secret of pirate gold”.

Juno temple’s acting career developed rapidly: she was noted in such films as the melodrama “Greenberg”, the Comedy Thriller ” Bang!”, the drama “Good night, Moon”, the next film adaptation of the novel by Alexander Dumas “Musketeers” and the crime Thriller “Killer Joe”. In addition, Juno starred in the Comedy melodrama “Mean girl”, where her co-star on the set was Milla Jovovich, and in the Comedy Thriller “Copper kettle”, which was released in 2012. One of her last jobs was taking part in the filming of Christopher Nolan’s blockbuster the Dark knight rises.

In 2009, Juno moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in Hollywood and spend more time with her boyfriend. The actress does not like to advertise her personal life and avoids excessive press attention.

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