Rachel Weisz Personal life

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Personal life

Many viewers are interested in how Rachel Weisz manages to convey the passion of a woman in love so plausibly on the screen. It turns out that such passions were in the life of the artist.

The first big love of the actress was Director Sam Mendes. The lovers seemed like a harmonious couple. But Sam’s wife was Kate Winslet, the mother of his child, however, in the new Union, the family life of the Director also did not work out.

The second passion of the actress was Darren Aronofsky. Gradually, the relationship turned into a family Union, however, without official registration. In 2006, Weiss gave birth to a son, Henry. Fans of the actor’s couple were waiting for the wedding – it didn’t happen.

On the set of the movie “House of dreams” Rachel met Daniel Craig, who plays the role of James bond. The novel developed rapidly, but the lovers hid their relationship from colleagues and friends. Both were not free. Feelings took over: in late 2010, Rachel Weisz and Darren Aronofsky officially announced that they were splitting up. Darren took the break-up hard, but gradually got used to the idea. The Director is still actively involved in the upbringing of his son.

In June 2011, Rachel married Craig. It looks like the actress has finally found her man. According to Weiss, over the years comes the understanding that you need to be happy in silence. That’s why Rachel doesn’t have any social media accounts, including Instagram, and Weiss ‘ family photos don’t get into the press at all, except for photos taken at official events.

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