Rachel Hannah Weisz

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Rachel Weisz is a British actress, a star of world cinema, winner of the Oscar and other significant awards. She became famous for her work in the films “Elusive beauty”, “the Mummy”, “the Devoted gardener”.

At the age of 14, Rachel tried herself as a model, but this hobby did not become a profession. After finishing school, she went to Cambridge University, where she studied English literature. Weiss would probably have been a good teacher if it weren’t for the student theater.

The girl participated in Amateur theater performances and quickly became a star of the team. At the Edinburgh festival, the production of the theater Studio brought the creators a prize. In one of the performances, a talented student drew the attention of critics and praised Weiss. At that moment, Rachel realized that her vocation was acting.

Rachel Weisz started acting in the late ‘ 80s. These were cameo roles in the TV series “Second screen”, “Inspector of the World”, “Tropical heat”. In 1994, the actress appeared in the horror film “death Machine” about a combat robot that failed.

The girl was 25 years old when Bernardo Bertolucci invited Weiss for a role in the film “Elusive beauty”. The role was small, but enough for Rachel to be noticed by the Directors and producers. The film was nominated for the prestigious Palme d’or award.

After the first successful role of film Directors began to offer the actress the role of the first plan. In 1996, the Thriller Chain reaction was released with Rachel, which also starred Keanu Reeves and Morgan Freeman. In the girl of easy virtue, the actress was reincarnated in the drama “Inclination”. The opposite image – a young British citizen who joined the army during the Second world war, the actress embodied in the war film “Three English women in the country”.

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