Rachel Weisz in European cinema and Hollywood.

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In the heroine Izzy, a terminally ill woman, the actress reincarnated in the film-parable “Fountain”, followed by the Comedy” Brothers bloom ” Rachel was waiting for the image of an eccentric rich woman who, along with two adventurer brothers, goes on a journey.

A significant work for Weiss was the main role in the drama “Agora”. The actress embodied the image of the first female scientist Hypatia of Alexandria, who lived in the IV century ad. And then Weiss is invited to the crime Thriller “Snitch”, where the actress appears to embody the image of a policewoman who goes to Sarajevo, having signed a contract with the UN mission.

Then there was filming in the movie “Oz: the great and terrible”, where the actress appeared in a new image of the seductive sorceress Evanora. In the drama “Deep blue sea”, the actress managed the image of a well-off woman who rushes into the pool with her head, forgetting about her family and the rules of decency. From the bright premieres of the last period of Rachel Weisz’s creative biography, viewers and critics highlight the film “Youth”, which won many awards at international film festivals.

Rachel Weisz is a prominent figure in European cinema and Hollywood. Her fame refers to her achievements in acting and production experience. Weiss has already participated in the creation of the paintings “Image of things”, “Radiator” as a producer.

The latest project is the film “Defiance”, which was completed in 2017. Rachel worked on it as a producer and lead actress. The plot of the film tells about the love of two girls. Rachel Weisz’s stage partner was actress Rachel McAdams. The film premiered at the Toronto International film festival. The film is scheduled to be released internationally at the end of April 2018.

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