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February 26, 1986 in the town of Adelaide (South Australia) in the family of Kevin Palmer and his wife Paula Sanders, a daughter was born — the future famous actress Teresa Palmer. The appearance of the baby did not save the couple from divorce, and when the girl was 3 years old, the parents separated. The former spouses could not decide with whom Teresa would stay, so she had to live alternately with her father, then with her mother, but the daughter did not receive the necessary warmth and care.

Kevin Palmer remarried to a woman named Karen, who gave birth to four more children. And Teresa’s mother suffered from bipolar disorder, and the disease seriously worsened after a difficult divorce. During crises, the father took the child to his farm. None of the parents were fully able to give the girl a full-fledged family and a happy childhood.

After school, Teresa entered the University of Mersedes College. It was then that the girl firmly decided to connect her life with cinema. I had to start small: working as a children’s animator, filming commercials, but Teresa believed that her main roles were still ahead. After graduating from college, Palmer won the prestigious local competition “Search for a movie star”, after which her photos were posted on the website of the city acting agency.


The call from director Murali K. Talluri became a turning point in the artist’s career. Teresa was invited to audition for the film “2:37”, which the girl successfully passed. An unknown provincial actress with no experience had a great chance, and she did not miss it. Teresa played the girl Melody, who was abused by her own brother. Palmer coped brilliantly with the not-so-simple role of a suicidal teenager.

The film was awarded a screening at the Cannes Film Festival and caused a lot of emotions among critics and ordinary viewers. After watching the film, the audience applauded the director and the actors standing.

Soon Teresa went to conquer Hollywood. Her debut in America was supposed to be the main female role in the acclaimed “Teleport”, but she was given to Rachel Bilson at the last moment. Palmer took the rejection hard and even decided to return to Australia. But she got a second chance — an invitation to one of the main roles in the thriller “The Curse-2”. The film lost to its predecessor at the box office and received critical disapproval.

In 2007, Palmer moved to Los Angeles permanently. Offers rained down on her from all sides. The role of the beautiful teenager Lucy went to the actress in Rod Hardy’s film “December Boys”, where she was accompanied by the then famous Daniel Radcliffe.

Becky Burns — the beloved of the main character (Jay Baruchel) — Palmer played in John Terteltaub’s fantasy film “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”, although she had a serious competitor in the person of Brie Larson. The income from the picture, including box office receipts and sales of CDs, amounted to $ 236 million.

According to Palmer, she especially enjoyed working with DJ Caruso in the action—adventure film “I am the Fourth”. The actress embodied on the screen the alien Jane Doe, who came to Earth. For filming, she took extreme driving lessons, learned how to shoot a machine gun and completely changed her image.

In 2013, a movie with Teresa Palmer in the title role — “The Warmth of Our Bodies”, based on the novel by Isaac Marion, was released on cinema screens. In order to plausibly embody zombies on the screen, the creators and actors resorted to the help of the artists of the Cirque du Soleil. Immediately after the filming of the film, the performer went on short-term maternity leave.

After returning, the actress plunged into work. One by one, several of her projects came out. The most notable was the action movie “On the Crest of a Wave” — a remake of the 1991 film. She got the heroine Samsara, who was not in the first film.

In 2016, Palmer played in the military drama “For Reasons of Conscience”, based on the biography of Corporal Desmond Doss, the first conscientious objector who received the highest US military award — the Medal of Honor. The film was nominated for the most prestigious awards and was awarded an Oscar in two categories.

The actress received the main role in the horror film “And the light goes out …”, which is based on the 2013 short film of the same name. Directed by David F. Sandberg, thinking over the image of Rebecca, was based on a real prototype — his friend, suffering from depression and resorting to self-torture. Interestingly, when Teresa took over the incarnation, the heroine changed a little, becoming less gloomy.

The actress got into the cast of the film adaptation of Nicholas Sparks’ novel “Choice” in 2014. She was accompanied by Benjamin Walker and Tom Welling. The author of the book himself acted as a producer and provided funding for the melodrama.

In 2017, Palmer again got a key role in a tense film, this time in the Australian thriller “Berlin Syndrome”. The title of the film came from the name of the socio-psychological term “Stockholm syndrome”, and the plot of the thriller told about the relationship between the victim and the kidnapper. The artist was nominated for this work for 3 prestigious Australian awards, but did not receive any of them.

2018 brought Teresa a chance to participate in the fantasy series “The Discovery of Witches”. The heroine of the actress is professor—historian Diana Bishop. To embody the image, the performer was instructed on the handling of 17th-century folios. Her main partner on the site was the British actor Matthew Goode. The author of the trilogy on which the picture was based, Deborah Harkness, also took a direct part in the workflow and even allowed the creators to make changes along the way.

The artist embodied a historical figure — the first female jockey Michelle Payne, who won the Melbourne Cup, in the biopic “Chasing the Wind”.