Another version of the image is a sundress with a deep neckline, MIDI length and a print in bright berries. This sundress is also suitable for “berry” earrings, as well as shoes with an open nose in bright shades. Dress in the style of pin-up is fluffy, voluminous skirts, deep neckline, large straps, belts, vibrant prints and natural fabrics.

If you plan a photo shoot in the pin-up style, you can take care of accessories, in addition to the outfit. For example, look for an old film camera, take a glass bottle of Coca-Cola, a large Cup with polka dots, a walking umbrella, white-rimmed glasses, binoculars, a large bright comb, a large hat with a brim, a bright candy on a stick or cotton candy, large inflatable balls, pearl beads or any bright beads, you can take a guitar or drum, in General, look at the situation in your main image. But with accessories, photos will be more fun and interesting.

If you are planning a hen party in the style of pin-up, then you can go for a walk, find bright pajamas with short shorts, if the party is at home, or buy the same transparent capes for all the girls, or choose the same cowboy shirts that you can tie in a knot and unbutton a few buttons on top.

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