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Pin-up style has always been associated with romance, lightness, eroticism, ease and beauty. There is no place for vulgarity or debauchery, everything is decorous and noble with a slight touch of sexuality.

Pin up style in clothing
Now let’s look at each component of the pin-up style separately. So, clothes. In fact, the image of clothing in the style of pin-up is quite complex in the selection of details, because everything should be in perfect harmony, cause awe in men.
A very common corset or body, slightly covered with a light robe, will complement the” home ” image in the pin-up style with bright high-heeled sandals.

Choose for this style bright plaid shirts with several buttons undone, short denim shorts and a scarf in the style of pin-up-options as you can tie a scarf mass, choose bright fabrics in polka dots or a check to match the shirt.

The Pin-Up style is characterized by:

  • make-up-it is neat, not provocative, but with bright accents;
  • clothing-and it just needs to be bright, but simple, with various positive prints and geometric patterns. It should be open and sexy;
  • hair style — big hair is beautiful, shiny hair, high ponytail, thick bangs, a small bouffant;
  • shoes — high heel, preferably a hairpin, but you can also have a thick stable heel.

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