Pin up 2

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Makeup in the style of pin-up
This part also deserves special attention. After all, makeup is a fairly serious component of the pinap image. First, it’s the lips. Bright beautiful red lips.

They should be juicy, sensitive, attractive. Secondly, it is the perfect face tone. The face should be clean, smooth, almost perfect.

To do this, there are all sorts of masking agents. Third, beautiful smooth arrows. Their length depends on your face type and eye section, but they, like the tone of the face, should also be perfect.

And, of course, beautiful curled eyelashes. You won’t need anything else for pin-up makeup. The main focus is on the lips. The image can be supplemented with light blush. But don’t overdo it. Make-up should not look vulgar, but rather almost natural, but slightly embellished.

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