Daveigh Elizabeth Chase

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She was born on July 24, 1990 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Her name was changed to Davey Elizabeth Chase shortly after her parents Katie Chase and John Schwellier divorced. Davey was raised by her mother in Albany, Oregon, but when it came to Davey’s future career, the family moved to Los Angeles, where her mother soon remarried, and Davey had a younger brother, Cade.

Chase loved singing and dancing from an early age, so she participated in various city events and holidays. Subsequently, Davey’s mother took the girl to the contest “Little Miss America”, where she won the singing competition. After this success, Chase was noticed by a talent search agency, with which her first contract was signed, and at the age of seven she starred for the first time in an advertisement for Campbell soups. And in 1998, the little actress received her first major role in the production of the musical theater “Utah!”.

Davey’s debut on the big screen was working in the crime melodrama “Pure Murder” in 2000. And the very next year, Chase got a really notable role as the younger sister of the main character Samantha Darko in the fantastic thriller “Donnie Darko”, about a high school student who can change time. In the same year, Steven Spielberg’s touching fantasy drama “Artificial Intelligence” about a robot child was released with her participation.

And in 2002, she played one of the main roles, the scary, dead girl Samara in the American remake of the cult Japanese horror film “The Bell”, for which she received the MTV movie award as the best villain, winning at the same time from Mike Myers, Colin Farrell and Daniel Day-Lewis.

In subsequent years, Davey also starred in the comedy melodrama “Carolina”, a continuation of the story of the strange Darko family “S. Darko”, where all the events are already happening around her, the drama about drug addiction “Yellow” and the story of mutual help and love “Little Red Cart”.

Chase also devoted a lot of time to TV series, she can be seen in such telenovelas as “Ambulance”, “Angel’s Touch”, “Sabrina the Little Witch”, “Practice”, “Charmed”, “Playground”, “Family Law”, “This is Life”, “Yes, dear!”, “C.S.I. Crime Scene”, “Without a Trace”, “Detective Rush”, “Big Love”, “Mercy”.

Davey is also known for voicing Lilo in all the cartoons about Lilo and Stitch, as well as a ten-year-old Japanese girl in Hayao Miyazaki’s Gone with the Ghosts.

In 1999, Chase participated in a children’s vocal group, together with them she performed as an opening act for the famous American country singer Reba McIntyre. She was also chosen by Steven Spielberg to perform the song “God Bless America” in the film “Artificial Intelligence”, but this episode was not included in the final version of the tape. She later recorded four songs of her own, but soon decided to focus on an acting career.

Chase is the best friend of the young actress Dakota Fanning. In his free time, Davey surfs, rides horses, dances, reads and just walks with family and friends.