Rachel Weisz My blueberry nights

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My blueberry nights (2007)

A very unexpected and beautiful image of the rebellious wife of an unfortunate police officer performed by Rachel Weisz. With her contempt and cold departure from her husband, she drives him to suicide. This small tragedy played out in front of the main character of the film – Elizabeth, who herself went through many disappointments and tries to somehow heal her broken heart.

Disobedience (of 2017.)

The most controversial of all Rachel Weisz films. It tells the story of a young woman, Ronit, who left the home of her Rabbi father many years ago, and who returns after receiving news of his death. Since the deceased bequeathed all the property and house to the synagogue, Ronit has to stay for a while at the house of his childhood friends David and esty. Their cohabitation gradually awakens Ronit’s old feelings for esty, with whom they were once very close. Esty feels the exciting inner freedom of Ronit and again, as in her early youth, responds to her with mutual love, challenging the foundations of the local religious community.

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