Milana Vayntrub as Tara

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Interested in Milan Vayntrub primarily as Tara from the show “Silicon valley”. There’s probably no one sexier than Tara: the extravagant girlfriend of the extravagant Guilfoyle.

Also among the highly rated series that starred Milana Weintrub for at least a few episodes are “This is us”, “Love” and “Ambulance”. Yes, the Ambulance that made George Clooney famous. In December, Milana made the following post, which she captioned: “we all have exes that we are ashamed of.” By the way, the role of Milana Vayntrub — comedienne, as you can already guess. In “Ambulance”, she appears in three episodes as a very young patient Tatiana.

When Milana Weintrub starred in “Ambulance”, she was only 8 years old, of which she spent 6 years in the United States. And before that Milan Vayntrub lived in Uzbekistan, she was born in Tashkent, to a Jewish family. Born on international women’s day-March 8, 1987. In the United States, Milana’s family settled as refugees in West Hollywood, which is adjacent to Hollywood normal. Since there were financial difficulties, Milana was taken to auditions as early as possible, and at the age of 5 she advertised a Barbie doll.

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