Milana Vayntrub on the channel “Live Prude Girls”

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When it became clear that YouTube is a big force, Milana Weintrub did not fail to take advantage of this and created her own show with her friend Stevie Nelson on the channel “Live Prude Girls”, which we translate as”Online prude”. Their show was in the top 100 of the NewMediaRockstars list and stars like Matt Damon did not shy away from going to them, which is confirmed by the video published at the very end of the article. And before that, a few words from Milana, taken from her interview with Esquire about the filming of the TV series “Another space”.

“When I was 5 years old, I did an ad for a phone company. But my first big role came to me when I was 8 years old. I was invited to the first season of Ambulance, I played a Russian girl Tatiana, who was diagnosed with AIDS and who Juliana Margulies is trying to adopt… George Clooney was amazing. I kept inviting him to visit. And he said “ ” I’ll come and play with you.” I asked my mother to prepare something that he would definitely come for. My mother and I were crazy about him. But he never came. He was really playful and stupid. I think we will be reunited one day, ” Milana said. We also add that from” Ambulance “she briefly got into” Days of our lives ” – a soap Opera, which this year turned 55 years old.

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