Ronda Rousey

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American actress and wrestler, former MMA fighter, judoka. Currently has a contract with WWE. The first and former dominant UFC champion, former Strikeforce light heavyweight champion.
Born: February 1, 1987 (age 33), riverside, California, USA
Height: 170 cm
Married to: Travis brown (since 2017)
Parents: Ron Rosie, Anne-Marie De Mars

Ronda Jean Rousey is a sparkling, brash American of Anglo-Polish-Trinidadian-Venezuelan descent. You can just Rhonda. Probably, there is not a single fan of martial arts who has not heard this name and seen her fights. Charming, stubborn, sometimes reckless, she knows the taste of both victories and defeats. Otherwise, the path of a champion on the way to the top is always littered with failures, defeats, injuries, and disappointments. But this is only a means to form a fighting character and an example of strength of spirit and devotion to their own ideals, on the way to achieve their dreams.

Undoubtedly, most Champions should be grateful to the people who were there at the right time and showed them the way to the”star Olympus”. They helped us get on this path, take the first step and support us in every possible way along the way of ascent. Anna Maria De Mars, Rhonda’s mother, was just such a person. De Mars is the first American woman to win the world judo championship in 1984. It was she who decided her daughter’s fate. From the age of 11, Ronda starts practicing judo under the guidance of her mother. In the process of its formation, Ronda changes as a person, changes the types of martial arts, hones its own style and tirelessly follows to success. Let’s look at all its achievements together.

  1. Ronda qualified for the 2004 Olympics, becoming the youngest participant in judo wrestling. In the same year, she is a gold medalist at the world Junior judo Championships in Budapest in Hungary.
  2. A gold medal at the pan American games (major complex competitions in summer sports involving countries from both American continents) and a silver medal at the world judo Championships in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.
  3. Participant and bronze medalist at the Beijing Olympic games in China. Since this year, Ronda is the first American woman to win an Olympic medal in judo.

These are particularly significant, but of course not all. Ronda has about 40 awards for victories and prizes in various large-scale judo competitions.

After 2008, Rousey retires from judo and is closely involved in Mixfight at the Glendale club under the guidance of coach E. Tarverdyan. Along the way, learning the skills of Brazilian JIU-jitsu from Rorion and Rener Gracie at the Gracie Academy.

2010-2011. Ronda makes his MMA debut as an Amateur. Three brilliant victories from three fights, each of which lasted less than 2 minutes.

March 2011 Ronda enters the professional MMA ring at the Turning Point tournament. After 25 seconds, the fight ends prematurely.

August 2011, Strikeforce Challengers tournament in Las Vegas, Nevada. A brilliant victory at the 24th second of the first round.

November 2011, Strikeforce Challengers, Las Vegas, Nevada. 38 seconds! And another victory in Rousey’s piggy Bank and a dislocated elbow from the opponent!

March 2012. Strikeforce title fight in Columbus, Ohio. It took Ronda 4 minutes and 25 seconds to become the new Strikeforce lightweight champion, again injuring her opponent’s elbow!

August 2012. In San Diego, California. Ronda confirms the Strikeforce lightweight title in 54 seconds, using her signature elbow lever.

Since November 2012, having signed a contract with the UFC, Ronda is officially declared the first UFC women’s lightweight champion.

And already in February 2013, she has to successfully defend her title in 4 minutes 49 seconds. Again painful on the elbow. But this time Rousey has to sacrifice his own jaw. Dislocation-the price of victory over the opponent.

December 2013. Rousey in a hard fight was able to defend her UFC title again, spending 10 minutes and 47 seconds to finish off her opponent.

February 2014, at the main UFC tournament on the 2nd second of the 2nd minute, a knee blow throws the Olympic medalist into a knockdown. Once again defending his title and changing his elbow lever for the first time. A controversial match, but Rousey won.

July 2014. Again to defend the title. Left knee to the body, judo-style interception, 9 blows to the face from a prone position. All this in 16 seconds!!! A knockout contender, and Rousey is the lucky winner of the second Performance of the Night award. It is claimed that Ronda suffered a broken thumb in this fight, but no one saw any signs of a fracture at the award ceremony.

February 2015. The shortest match in UFC history. 14 seconds, elbow lever, winner Ronda Rousey.

August 2015. Brazil. Victory in 34 seconds over the former accountant by knockout from a direct right hand blow.

In November 2015, Rousey’s victorious March was marred by a heavy knockout and a split lip. Then another heavy defeat. After that, Rousey leaves the epicenter of the fighting ring, but without announcing his official departure from the UFC.

January 2018. Unexpected appearance and debut in the Royal Rumble. Annual wrestling show. This is certainly not a UFC tin, but you just need to know what wrestling is for Americans. Rousey’s popularity is returning, she is the RAW (professional wrestling title) women’s champion and at the end of 2018 has not had a single defeat.

Ronda successfully crushes her titled rivals until March 2019 until she gets a crushing defeat already in the field of wrestling.

Ronda’s unsportsmanlike achievements.
Having completed her career as a fighter, wrestler and showman, Ronda actively appears in advertising as a model. Also has a track record as an actress.

  1. The role of moon’s mercenary bouncer in “the Expendables 3”.
  2. The role of Kara Mirta, the Prince’s personal bodyguard and head of security in the movie “fast and furious 7”.
  3. Small roles in the Comedy “Entourage” and the TV series “Blind zone”.
  4. The main female role is Sam snow.
  5. Cameo roles in the series “911: rescue Service”.

The prospect of playing a major role in the sequel to the film “House by the road»

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