Nóra Trokán

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Nora Trocan (Budapest, 1986. August 13) Hungarian actress who starred in the first season of the TV series “the Witcher” from the streaming company Netflix.

She’s father, Péter Trokán, his mother, Papadimitriu Athina and her brother Anna Trokán are also actors. Together they formed the Papadimitrio, in which they sing together. As a child, she was going to be a vet, but when she was a sophomore in high school one time accompanied shis sister to Margit Fölessy’s drama studio, she decided to become an actress instead.

In 2005 he was admitted to the University of theatre and film in prose acting, the class of D. Géza Hegedűs and László Marton. she’s thesis was written in 2009 by Hungary or Greece or by repertoire or en suit: a permanent troupe or an independent actor, and shis supervisor was Gábor Máté. After Graduation, The Katona Kecskemét signed with József Theatre Company, where she also spent his academic year. From 2013 she also played as a guest artist in the Bárkény Theatre. He’s freelance from the 2013-2014 season.

As of 2019, the RTL Club plays the character of Lilla Kovács in its own production, the teacher.

She also participated in the National Theatre performances and several independent theatrical productions, such as in 2014 in the total art project “the texture of the Museum of Fine Arts” or in the 011 festival with the-011 composition group.

In addition to his theatrical roles, he is seen in films, including day of Wrath, in English – Hungarian-Spanish co-production with Christopher Lambert and has received one of the leading roles in Peter Rudolf’s Kossuthkifli series, and is dubbed.

She’s been taking pictures for a long time, he likes to take portraits of she’s colleagues – he’s got assignments and he’s had a show.

She’s been riding since he was three. in 2011 and 2012, he participated in the National Galleries charity Star Race. 2016-in St. Stephen’s University, she and she’s sister are in the hippology Department of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. in 2013, it was the face of Red Shoes Days.

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