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American supermodel.
Born: August 3, 1992, Chicago, Illinois, USA
Height: 185 cm
Eye color: light blue

A top model, a programmer and a relative of the Trumps without five minutes: all the fun about Karlie Kloss-a blonde who breaks down stereotypes.

A vivid illustration of our words can be the success story of Karlie Kloss-a model who achieved all imaginable and unthinkable model regalia. Carly has dozens of impressions, hundreds of covers, and millions of contracts with Carolina Herrera, Estée Lauder, and other brands whose products are loved by the entire planet. Almost 8 million people follow the Class’s life on Instagram alone, and each of Its posts predictably collects hundreds of thousands of likes. Is it possible to wish a young, successful, fantastically beautiful American woman something more than that? It turned out that it was possible: Carly wanted to become a … programmer.

Karlie Kloss was born into a middle-class American family in Chicago. Looking ahead, let’s say that Carly is not a natural blonde. Its natural shade is chestnut-brown with a pleasant copper-amber tint. But she was not forced to dye her hair blonde in order to achieve success in the modeling field: Kloss took her first steps on the career ladder with her natural shade. The real big success came in 2008 — two years after Carly left her native Chicago and moved to new York. The casting Directors of the new York screenings went crazy: the tall, asthenic and slightly angular Kloss was in great demand in the FW 08-09 season. In total, at the end of the fashion marathon, Carly reached the podium 64 (!) times-a fantastic figure for yesterday’s debutante.

Kloss started learning the basics of computer language in 2015 as an adult: the model was already 22 years old. “I just wanted to satisfy my curiosity to understand what it is,” Carly continues. — I had no idea how much I wanted to do this.” In the same year, Carly founded her own charity program Code With Klassy (“Code with Kloss”). Code With Kloss is a free two-week summer camp for girls from 13 to 18 years old. During this time, they are taught the basics of programming, showing what applications can be created by learning a complex programming language perfectly. In addition, socialization is an important part of the program: girls are supposed to create an interest group that will allow them to communicate in the future.

“Before I started coding, the idea that I could learn it seemed unreal to me. After a few courses, working together with our classmates, we programmed a small drone. I realized that code, like art and fashion, is “about creativity” and that women who can program should have the right to shape our future. Women play an important role in creating digital progress, and knowing the code is the key to creating a new reality, ” Carly says.

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