Deborah Ann Woll #

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American actress, better known for the roles of Jessica Hemby and Karen page in the TV series “True blood” and “Daredevil”.

Born: February 7, 1985 , Brooklyn, new York, USA
Height: 178 cm
Married to: E. J. Scott (since 2018)

Deborah was born on February 7, 1985 in Brooklyn, new York in the family of an architect and a teacher. Deborah is of German and Irish descent. As a child, Deborah played the piano and danced. However, at school, she became interested in theater – teachers trusted the girl with the first roles in student performances. After graduating from high school, Deborah continued her career as a theater actress, joining a new York theater group. Then wall took a crash course at the English acting school: the girl graduated from the special program of the London Royal Academy of dramatic art. And then went to Los Angeles to consolidate her education: Deborah studied acting at the University of southern California, while simultaneously acting in various TV series in cameo roles.

Deborah made her debut on American television at the age of 22, playing a rape victim in a TV series. Then she appeared in various images in other TV projects-nurses, waitresses, business women, etc.At the age of 23, the actress made her debut in a feature film, however, in a tiny role, in the crime drama “Cool trunks” (2008).

Next, 23-year-old Deborah received the role of a teenage vampire Jessica Hamby in the American television series “True blood” (since 2008). This project was based on a series of popular novels by Charlene Harris “Vampire secrets”, so it managed to make a lot of noise even before it was released on TV. And with the release of the broadcast did not disappoint viewers. Initially, the character of Deborah was only supposed to appear in three episodes, but the producers were so impressed with Deborah’s performance that they later made her the lead character in the series. So, the role of the charming and gentle vampire Jessica was a real breakthrough for wall. Thanks to” True blood ” Deborah received the status of one of the most promising Actresses on American TV. Wall became at least noticeable in America – the series was repeatedly nominated for a Golden globe, Emmy, and other awards, and Deborah was awarded four times the Screen Actors Guild Awards and in 2011 still got the winning statuette.

“I think the disadvantages of famous people are that you have to hide what you feel, and you are absolutely not allowed to be yourself, because you are in the center of public attention,” Deborah shared her first impressions after becoming famous. However, the “pros” were not long in coming – the famous actress began to receive invitations from Hollywood producers to “more movies”. Already in 2010, wall played a leading role in Darren Lynn Bousman’s feature film mother’s Day (2010). This action-Packed horror film tells the story of brothers-raiders who, hiding from persecution, get to their father’s house, not knowing that it is already owned by new, very dangerous owners. Also at the same time as shooting in “True blood”, the actress managed to play supporting roles in the films “Little killer” (2011), “One day this pain will benefit you” (2011), “Trick .44″ (2011),” Ruby Sparks ” (2012).

After the end of the TV series, Deborah got the main role in the feature-length debut of Director Tatia Pilieva “Forever” (2013).

Deborah continues her theatrical career and wants to Shine on Broadway. In his spare time, wall enjoys reading comics, playing the piano, solving puzzles, and playing Japanese logic games.

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