Bárbara Lennie

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Bárbara Lennie Holguín (born 20 April 1984 in Madrid) is a Spanish actress.

Her credits include Magical Girl, Obaba and El Niño and the television series Isabel and El incidente.

Shortly after Barbara’s birth, her family moved to Buenos Aires. Barbara returned to Spain when she was six years old. She made her film debut at the age of fifteen. She studied acting at the Royal high school of dramatic art. She played the main roles in the film “Dictation”, “all songs are sung about me”, “Women in the Park”, “Obaba”, “Bicycle”, “Invisible guest”, “all days belong to you” and “more Suffering than glory”. Lenny also starred in Emilio Martinez-Lazaro’s “Thirteen roses” and Pedro Almodovar’s “the Skin I live in”.

For her role as Lourdes in the film “Obaba”, she received a nomination for the 2006 Goya award in the category “Best female acting debut”. In 2015, she received the Goya award for best actress for her role in the film “Magic girl”. Two-time winner of the St. George award (Premis Sant Jordi de Cine) in the category best actress in a Spanish film-2009 for the film “Los condenados” , 2018 for the films “El reino” and “Mazes of the past” . In 2014, she was awarded the Gaudi award for best supporting actress for the film “Child”.

On television, she played a small role in “Red eagle” and one of the main roles in the television series “Countdown”, where her partners were Dani Martin and Alex Gonzalez. In the TV series “Isabella” played one of the main roles of the first season-Queen Joana.

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