Alyson Michalka

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Actress, singer, guitarist and author of lyrics to songs.

Alyson Renae Michalka, Aly Michalka b. March 25, 1989, Torrens, USA) — actress, singer, guitarist and author of lyrics to songs. Born in Torrens, California, but lived part of her childhood in Seattle, Washington.

Since 2005, together with his sister Amanda Mishalka, he has been a member of the duo Aly & AJ (Eli and AJ; in 2009-2015 they were renamed 78violet). The single of their second album “Potential Breakup Song” is their most successful single to date, it has received platinum from the RIAA for selling over 1 million copies.

In 2006, Alison played the lead role in the movie “Cow Belles” as Taylor, and in the same year she played the role of Hope in the movie “Haversham Hall” and in both films she played along with her sister.

On August 8, 2006, the album “Into The Rush” was re-released. It includes two new versions of the songs “Collapsed” and “Something More”, as well as “Chemicals React” in Simlish. They recorded this song for the computer game “The Sims 2 Pets” plus the edition includes a video of this song.

In September 2006, the release of the sisters’ new album “Acoustic Hearts of Winter” took place. In this album, “Aly & AJ” performed traditional Christmas songs, “Joy to the World”, as well as the original songs “Greatest Time of Year” and “Not This Year”.

In 2007, Alison got the role of Taylor in the movie “Super Sweet 16: The Movie”, where she played the role of the daughter of a local businessman who tried to separate two friends.

The premiere of the movie “Super Sweet 16: The Movie” just coincided with the release date of the new album “Insomniatic” — June 10, 2007.

The single “Potential Break Up Song” became the most successful for Aly & AJ. The publication “Time magazine” put the song “Potential Breakup Song” in ninth place in its “top ten”. On November 28, 2007, Amy Suzuki released a new version of the song “Potential Breakup Song”, mixed by Japanese DJ and musician Sugiurumn, collaborating with “Aly & Aj”. The sisters and Amy performed the song together on Japanese television.

In early 2008, “Aly & AJ” also participated in the recording of the CD “Randy Jackson’s Music Club”, recording the song “We’re an American Band” for this purpose, which was produced by Randy Jackson. The CD was released in March 2008.

During June-July 2008, “ALy & AJ” performed in amusement parks in different cities of the USA.

New era of “78Violet”: 2009-2010
In August 2009, Alison and Amanda announced that they were no longer Aly & AJ, but “78Violet”. They are preparing to release a new album at the end of winter 2009. The album is supposed to contain 14 songs. In an interview for Radio Disney, given in April 2008, the sisters said that in the new album they would each sing their own part, and not coordinate their voices, as they had done before.