Robin Tunney

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Robin Tunney (born June 19, 1972) is an American actress.

She is known for her role as Teresa Lisbon on the television series The Mentalist (2008–2015), and her portrayal of Veronica Donovan on the first two seasons of Prison Break (2005–2006).

Tunney made her film debut in the 1992 comedy Encino Man. She came to prominence with leading roles in the cult films Empire Records (1995) and The Craft (1996). She received the Volpi Cup for Best Actress, as well as Gotham and Independent Spirit nominations for her performance in Niagara, Niagara (1997). She had leading roles in the action-thriller films End of Days (1999), Supernova and Vertical Limit (both 2000). In 2006, she earned critical acclaim for her portrayal of a victim of sexual assault in the independent drama Open Window. Her other notable film appearances include Cherish, The Secret Lives of Dentists (both 2002), The In-Laws (2003), Hollywoodland (2006), August, The Burning Plain (both 2008), Passenger Side (2009), and Looking Glass (2018).

Robin Tunney moved to Los Angeles, California, and portrayed characters in the Class of ’96, Law & Order, Dream On, and Life Goes On amongst other works. She realized subsequent success in the wake of her role as Sarah Bailey, a recent transfer to a school of insular, manipulative bullies. For further information on this phenomenon from the field of social psychology, see: In-group and out-group . . . Sarah swiftly meets three working witches on the hunt for a fourth sister who will complete their circle and thus unlock its deeper power. Thus, she is unwittingly drawn into a situation of being needed to help others accomplish their own individual and group goals when she is searching for belonging, camaraderie and integration. She becomes key founding member of a groundbreaking coven of adolescent witches in The Craft. Sarah’s position of inexperience in the context of the misplaced motives of her new friends results in her greater magical ability to put the enemies who emerge from the shadows in their place, and her victory allows her to retain and deepen the power at her disposal while the remainder of the coven loses what they had gained through her participation in Manon’s invocation. She chooses not to reconcile, likely understanding in false friendship she would only ever be valued for the gift others sense and desire to appropriate.

Robin later accepted a role in Niagara, Niagara. For this role she claimed the Volpi Cup at the 1997 Venice International Film Festival. Tunney also was featured opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 1999 supernatural action film End of Days. She was later cast in a guest-star role in the pilot episode of the TV series House as a kindergarten instructor who collapses in the midst of a lesson, resulting in an aphasic condition. She also portrays Veronica Donovan on the first season of Prison Break. Among Tunney’s further accomplishments were roles in The Mentalist, Closing the Ring, as well as The Fix.

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