Chyler Leigh

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American actress, singer and fashion model;
Born: April 10, 1982 , Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
Height: 168 cm

She best known for her roles as lexi grey in the TV series “Anatomy of passion” and Alex Danvers in “Supergirl”.

Married to: Nathan West (since 2002).)
Parents: Robert Potts, Yvonne Norton
Children: Anniston Kaye West, Noah Wild West

Kyler Lee West, née Potts, was born on April 10, 1982 in Charlotte, North Carolina, to Yvonne Norton and Robert Potts. Lee grew up in Virginia beach, Virginia, where her parents ran a weight loss business. However, when Kyler was eight years old, the family business went bankrupt, and a few years after the breakup of her parents ‘ marriage, Lee, along with her mother and brother Christopher Hyman, who is now also an actor, as well as a designer, moved To Miami, Florida, where her mother remarried her first husband.

While still in eighth grade, Kyler began working as a model, and soon began appearing in local commercials and participating in the television news program for teenagers, “Hall Pass”. In 1999, Lee and her mother moved to Los Angeles, California, so that The girl could develop her acting skills.

At the age of sixteen, at one of the auditions, Kyler met her future husband, twenty-year-old aspiring actor Nathan West. They started a relationship, and Leigh left her parents ‘ house and moved in with West. The young men, both of whom had a difficult childhood, soon became addicted to marijuana and cocaine. In 2001, this went so far as to interfere with Lee’s career, together with West, they turned to a Church parish that helps drug addicts, and a year later, having overcome the bad habit, the couple married in Alaska, surrounded by their closest relatives and friends.

On the big screen, Lee made her debut in 1997 in the sports Comedy “kickboxing Academy”. And in 2001, she participated in the shooting of the youth Comedy “Nedetskoe Kino”. In recent years, the actress has been seen in the drama “the nineteenth wife”, the Thriller “Brake” and the melodrama “Window to Wonderland”.

In addition, Kyler is active in multi-part films, she appeared in the series “Seventh heaven”, “Practice”, “Quiet Harbor”, “show of the 80’s”, “Sorority”, “North shore”, “Anatomy of passion”, “homecoming”, “Private practice”, “Taxi: South Brooklyn”.

She also participated in the filming of Marilyn Manson’s music video “Tainted Love”, the soundtrack to the film”Nedetskoe Kino”.

Kyler is number sixty-five on Maxim magazine’s 2002 list of the most attractive women.

Lee and West have three children together-Noah Wild, Tylin Lee and aniston KAE, their third child Kyler carried in front of the cameras of the series “Anatomy of passion”, her pregnancy was included in the plot.

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